Welcome To EMD Systems Software

See how easily EMD can provide you with healthcare applications and business intelligence products. Our products will improve the workflow of your customers practice to help them enhance their patients’ experience. Add entirely new products or features to existing products in your portfolio, while maximizing your bottom line.

EMD Systems Software is a software development company specializing in fully developed client / server, standalone, SAAS, and web based applications as well as sub-system components. We specialize in healthcare projects dealing with medical information systems, medical billing, HL7 Engines, medical reports, document archiving, mammography tracking systems, and Healthcare EDI.
Software Solutions for workflow Problems
Historically, EMD has developed applications that address the inefficiencies of labor intensive and often complex workflows within the healthcare industry. Our applications are developed by addressing workflow efficiency and focusing on application usability by the end users. By understanding the real world needs of the end user, EMD has successfully developed products that are intuitive, readily accepted by the end users, easy to deploy.
Competitive Advantages
There are few direct competitors pursuing our highly unique approach, which was developed over the past five years by our world-class development team. The sustainable competitive advantages that EMD Systems Software commands include:
  • Superior software paradigm, complementary to software development advances made in web based applications.
  • Expertly developed over the course of five years of research and development with medical information systems.
  • The ability and understanding of ancillary workflows that are interdependent and codependent on core information systems.
  • The ability to think outside the constraints of industry norms for how medical applications should be designed and function.
  • The ability to rapidly adjust to the changing needs or additional functionality.