B2B Interfacing

B2B refers to business-to-business transactions where two or more businesses or where internal business applications are inter-communicating.  Business-to-consumer transactions refer to businesses dealing with individual consumers or end customers.

B2B transactions are more complex and have a greater need for security than B2C e-commerce. B2B transactions involved many complex issues such as system integration within the firm as well as with its trading partners raising many questions about the security of the information exchanged as well as having to have systems that ensured that the rules and regulations governing the exchange of information were followed. The cost of installing the infrastructure proved to be prohibitory and many businesses and suppliers reverted back to using phones or faxes inhibited by the costs, hardly realizing that in the long run they will be saving tons of money as operating costs are cut drastically as well as ensuring a better control over the supply chain integration. The major hurdle was to get the partners to collaborate in implementing B2B networking, establishing common goals to be achieved hence B2B has not become as popular as it should have been.