Medical Billing Systems

Web-based medical billing software is the smarter, faster, and proven choice of physicians and practive administrators. EMD Systems Billing applications are developed by industry experts who understand medical billing and the challenges of running a profitable practice in todays economy. The recent changes in health care reimbursement means your medical practice cannot rely on antiquated billing methods and obsolete technology.
The Medical Group Management Association reported that the rejection rate of billing claims is 30%. Out of that only 50% are resubmitted. That leaves a lot of potential revenue left unclaimed.
The medical billing solutions developed by EMD Systems are designed to help you overcome high billing claim rejections. We focus on developing web-based medical billing software that includes special tools such as Claim Reveue so that you are assured only compleate, up-to-date claims are submitted. The claims reveue process alerts you of potential errors prior to submission, resulting in a higher first-pass acceptance rate.