Patient Portals

With EMD’s Patient Portal application customers can further automate their practice by allowing patients to see their own private set of documents including radiology reports, exam history, as well as send automatic health maintenance reminders and procedure due dates. Depending on the product you decide on, a Patient Portal can either serve as a stand alone communication tool and information portal or a fully integrated component of other EMD products. Regardless of which solution you choose a EMD provides the fallowing features: 

  • Send/receive messages to/from doctor’s office 
  • Request new appointments
  • Examine current and past medical statements 
  • Enter or modify personal information and other demographic information 
  • Receive emails for reminders, upcoming appointments and statements
  • Make online bill payments
  • Review billing statements
  • Enter and update demographic information
  • Enter and update insurance carrier information
  • View exam reports and images (optional)
  • Manage family member profiles (children or other dependents)