Patient Scheduling Systems

EMD provides a scheduling system that is both powerful and intuitive. Knowing that different situations require different mechanisms for scheduling, EMD has provide several workflows for scheduling an exam in our applications. The workflow can start with a patient and the selection of a location, modality, and exam. Alternately, the workflow can start with the location, modality, and then the selection of the patient. The systems power is only matched by its flexibility.

Some of the Scheduling Systems features are:
  • Multi-location
  • As many resources (modalities) per location as needed.
  • Patient search by Name, DOB, MRN, SSN, Phone Number, Address, or zip
  • Quickly add new patients from the search screen.
  • Next available appointment search
  • Quick appointment: allows for the scheduling of a time slot with only the patient information.
  • Pre-Order: allows for appointments to be entered in that are awaiting confirmation by either the ordering physician or the patient. Once confirmed the appointment is moved form the Pre-Order schedule to the appointment book.
  • Graphical calendar view appointments: real-time interactive appointment view in calendar format.
  • Change the exam duration at will.
  • Reschedule via drag and drop
  • Reschedule via a next available appointment option
  • Scheduler is informed of any medical alerts that a patient may have upon selecting that patient.
  • Scheduler is informed of any procedure alerts based on the exam being scheduled.
  • Schedule blocking