Physician Portals

With EMD’s Physician Portal application you can provide the referring physician and their busy practice the abiltiy to request appointments for any of your facilities and modalities from one portal. You can even give certain physicains the ability to schedule direct and bypass the need for appointment request approval. This process streamlines the scheduling process and eliminates the need for phone calls between referring physicians office and the host practice. The Physican Portal also provides the following functions: 

  • URL linking to DICOM Image Viewer (If supported by PACS)
  • Access to all associated patient's radiology reports
  • Access to patient exam history 
  • Real-time access to exam status (Patient Scheduled, Patient Arrived, Patient Checked In, Exam In Progress, Exam Complete, ect)

The Physician Portal is a cutting edge application that provides unseen levels of interactivity while maintaining the ease of use and security you’ve come to expect from EMD.